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At Attorneys Messenger Service, we operate with integrity. Our process servers employ the latest technology to ensure accuracy and accountability, and we hold ourselves to the highest industry compliance standards.

Compliance Standards

Our in-house department conducts thorough reviews of server data each day to verify accuracy and validity.

GPS-verified time and date stamped photos from each serve, non-serve and attempt provides time and location monitoring.

We tightly monitor licensing and bonding, active driver’s license and auto insurance, as well as criminal background checks for all process servers.

Attorneys Messenger Service is in full compliance with recommended industry standards.


The TrueServe™ Initiative

The TrueServe Initiative is the culmination of over 20 years of process serving experience mixed with cutting edge technologies to create a level of accountability and honesty to ensure “truth in service process.”

Attorneys Messenger Service utilizes the technology and software systems that ensure the highest levels of accountability. Real time data tracking and account access create an environment of full transparency, so our clients are consistently apprised of their process status.




We have been in the collection business for about 25 years and Attorneys Messenger Service is one of the best servers we've worked with. They are very responsive to any question or particular need. We recommend them very highly."

- T.R.
Boise, Idaho